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Re: NTVDM on windows 10 x64

Errius wrote on 2019-02-17, 02:38: RaVeN-05 wrote: http://www.columbia.edu/~em36/ntvdmx64.7z Windows flags this as a virus So too, does every web browser I've tried downloading it on, thus, it gets deleted without me even being able to use it.

Re: NHL 97 Keeps Telling Me To Install

in DOS
In that screenshot it looks like you ran DOSSETUP from the CD (drive D:), not the game executable from the directory where you installed it. But after the error it shows you suddenly at C:\NHL97DOS\ somehow, which I guess is where the game is actually installed. The game executable is probably …

NHL 97 Keeps Telling Me To Install

in DOS
I had a plan when it comes to modding NHL 97, but whenever I try to play it, DOSBox tells me that it MUST be installed and run from a CD-Rom. What also doesn't help is that this screenshot was taken after I had already installed it! Now what am I going to do?!?!?!?!

Free Space

I tried installing Windows 3.1 using DOSBox, but the setup told me that DOS ran out of space. Then I checked my directories, and I, in fact, had 0 bytes of free space. Is there such thing as a way to free up space so I can perform the installation, or am I going to need to use a different …

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