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Re: ISA sound cards with digital out.

Quick search turned up these as well: - Turtle Beach Fiji - SoundPro HT1869V+ (never heard of this card before, seems to be a CMI8330 clone or just re-labelled, see here: https://www.karlsitretro.com/soundpro-ht1869v-review/) - Certain revisions of the Creative CT1920 AWE32 Upgrade Board that seems …

Re: Beige-Beast

That's a great system, especially the motherboard. Tualatin-capable boards are not easy (or at least not cheap) to find nowadays, let alone the Gigabyte ones. I have a soft spot for Tualatin systems, which is why I just can't stop building them (I have like 7 or so). If you feel the need for more …

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