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Re: Let's talk about our hated trends

Any form of SAAS or subscription software. I think the reasons why are fairly well covered here. Computer cases in odd, usually bubbly, rounded shapes. I can't stack them, or neatly tuck them in without taking up a ridiculous amount of room. Some are so odd that you can't even temporarily store a …

Re: DOS anti-virus recommendation

do a search to see what versions of mcafee etc were available in 1996, 1995, etc before they required win95. some were setup as bootable floppies that would scan everything before installing, and then had a TSR, if i remember that right. from there its more of seeing what versions you can get.

Re: History of ATi Graphics cards Vol. 1

Maybe I'll finally settle my misconceptions down, if anyone can share. Differences between Rage II and Rage Pro are clear. Is this helpful? https://vintage3d.org/rage4.php Generically, yes, but for me I'll want to get more specific. The more I get into retro computers the more I see why people run …

Re: History of ATi Graphics cards Vol. 1

1) one of the best all around GPU threads i have ever read. amazing digging and compiling. awesome work! 2) as you find any details on any card, please feel free to add it. this is great for reference material. 3) I personally have 3 chips. A p1/200 with an onboard rage ii, a s370 celeron ~500 w/ …

Re: Windows 95 vs Windows 98

Usually I'd go for 98se over 95 unless the PC didnt have USB ports. I have a 100mhz Pentium running 95C. It is lighter. On the other hand i have a 200pentium/mmx I had to run 98se on, not only because of the USB, but also because 95c didn't have all the drivers built in, but 98se did.

Re: In summary: the top 10 DOS games 1981-1991

Indianapolis 500 the simulation Oregon Trail Wolfenstein 3d i had a whole suite of games of tv shows c.1987-88 wheel of fortune family feud Jeopardy a few i probably forgot monopoly where in the world is carmen sandiego Lemmings all of these i used to play on my tandy 1000SL/8086.

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