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Use of USB scanner on older PCs.

I have an older (win98) era scanner I have been using to scan older family photos. I decided to use an old gateway p2(celeron) 400C I had lying around for the task. I know that in theory the scanner should be the slowest point in the process, but even just moving large files around can be taxing on …

Re: Windows 95 setup guide for the 2020's

Once again, vogons has taught me a bit more than I previously knew. Reading the bit about Rain, I dug into if this was 95 only, or if it was useful in 98/me as well. It appears that in 98, acpi and idling were much better supported. This is fairly self-confirmed by testing with one of my slot1 pcs, …

Re: Let's talk about our hated trends

Any form of SAAS or subscription software. I think the reasons why are fairly well covered here. Computer cases in odd, usually bubbly, rounded shapes. I can't stack them, or neatly tuck them in without taking up a ridiculous amount of room. Some are so odd that you can't even temporarily store a …

Re: DOS anti-virus recommendation

do a search to see what versions of mcafee etc were available in 1996, 1995, etc before they required win95. some were setup as bootable floppies that would scan everything before installing, and then had a TSR, if i remember that right. from there its more of seeing what versions you can get.

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