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Re: My 5950X + 6900XT killer Windows 7 workstation

Did the windows 10 drivers install on 7? Cause I didn't think there were windows 7 drivers for that new hardware? Chipset drivers from win-raid forum made by Canonkong: https://www.win-raid.com/t4960f52-Solution-Win-Drivers-for-modern-AMD-USB-Controllers.html Gpu drivers are native from Amd: …

Complete Windows 7 optimization FAQ

https://trackerninja.codeberg.page/img/basic-windows-7-tweaking/win7tweaks.png Mandatory steps to optimize newly installed Windows 7 https://trackerninja.codeberg.page/post/mandatory-steps-to-optimize-newly-installed-windows-7 Complete tweaking guide for Windows 7 SP2+ ESU https://trackerninja. …

Re: Good soundcard for Windows 2000

That said, I had a ton of issues with my 410 at the beginning so it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park either…sigh, the memories. If the OP is thinking to make some tunes on a retro machine I think I’d still lean towards an external interface. I've noticed that external audio solutions always brings …

Re: Good soundcard for Windows 2000

digger wrote on 2021-09-05, 15:28: Hmmm... Windows 2000, ASIO, no games. I wonder what kind of old-school audio creation software you're going to tinker with. Fruity Loops? Buzz? Logic, before it was acquired by Apple and went Mac-only? 🙂 I'm Renoise nerd.

Re: Good soundcard for Windows 2000

You could go for a Sound Blaster Live! or Audigy (perhaps also an Audigy 2, not sure), and then install the kX audio drivers: https://github.com/kxproject/kX-Audio-driver-binaries As far as I know, those include ASIO support. But using the kX drivers instead of the official Creative drivers may …

Re: Best tracker MODS ever [1988-2020]

EDIT : aw, never mind, the file is too large for VirusTotal. Anyway, I downloaded the file and its SHA256 checksum is 25a39e6755a5e6544710e4730937cbfb94aaef09091211ace60e6a1585b7cc51. @spacedrone808 Perhaps you can confirm this SHA256 checksum here, to put the minds at ease of people who don't …

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