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Re: WP32 McCake : MT32 compatible waveblaster board

Any ideas what to try? As dreamblaster said, that should be a power problem. I experienced the exact same symptom with the MP32L. If power supply used is less than 2A (better choice is 3A), device is flashing and screen is showing everything, but no sound at all out of it. I cheated on my test with …

Re: WP32 McCake : MT32 compatible waveblaster board

Hi guys, I'm not used to write a lot on the forum, but I'm a huge fan of Serge's work, as well as keropi, Daniel and Tiido. Bought nearly all the sound devices Serge created, the MPU401 replica and Orpheus from keropi, and a lot of replicas from Daniel and Tiido. Being in Belgium like Serge helps to …

Re: Simmconn AWE64 Adapter

As suggested by dreamblaster earlier today, here I am freshly and finally registered. I was looking for the best way to extend the memory on both a CT4500 and a CT4390 last night. Much and much googling and reading to finally discover the original SimmConn project, and land here, once again when I'm …

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