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Re: DOSBox Pure ?

in Milliways
- Search memory for values. you save a few "bpm segment:offset && memdumpbin segment:0 ffff && xxd MEMDUMP.BIN |grep $values" , pretty handy if you ask me!

Re: Guide to the DOSBox debugger

Just NOP the opcodes you don't want. For example, if you have this instructions: 267E:6CE3 8BD7 mov dx,di 267E:6CE5 8BDE mov bx,si 267E:6CE7 1E push ds To skip "mov dx,di" -> SM 267E:6CE3 90 90 To skip "push ds" -> SM 267E:6CE7 90

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

I've never compiled ECE on raspberry. However the following works for me in debian x64. 1. Download and extract DOSBox ECE rXXXX (Linux source).7z https://dosboxece.yesterplay.net/download/ 2. Copy sdk2_*.h from OpenGlide source (OpenGLide_XXX_src.zip) to the ECE's include directory. https:// …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

Well, I've manage to locate where the problem is. For anyone interested the following patch will let you write bytes AC, AF, CF and DF in memory. --- debug.cpp.ORIG 2019-12-01 01:27:21.000000000 +0100 +++ debug.cpp 2019-12-04 13:19:02.243257342 +0100 @@ -1330,10 +1330,6 @@ else if (strncmp(hex, "FS …

Re: Writing a patch in ASM

I see why ES should be preserved, but even if ES is destroyed, the loader works nevertheless. Even if I comment entire EXEC_INFO it still works :confused: , so I'm leaning toward DOSBox doing some magic and requiring only DS:DX pointing to the ASCIIZ filename. I bet this wouldn't end well in pure …

Re: Writing a patch in ASM

Well, this is not my code ;) I have written: lea bx, EXEC_INFO and not: mov bx, EXEC_INFO LEA != MOV. LEA (or PUSH and POP, as ripsaw8080 said) should eliminate 2nd issue. Maybe with nasm you must write: lea bx, [EXEC_INFO] But well, I'm not an expert, but if you want to use my code as a base, my …

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