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Re: Matrox Mystique 220 crash

Access Violation on an installer executable seems to indicate either something wrong with the package (data corruption maybe) which we can maybe rule out since you tried three different driver packages or perhaps something wrong with your system, unstable or defective RAM can be a culprit. Try …

Re: Recommended 2D/3D card for a 233MMX PC

No, more VRAM or faster video card will not "fix" the slow performance on Heroes 3. You are entirely CPU limited. The performance shown in the video seems about right. Perhaps you can get slightly better performance by tweaking your BIOS settings, which is something we have not discussed.

Re: Recommended 2D/3D card for a 233MMX PC

Heroes 3 runs flawless on Pentium 233 MMX here. Misinformation pff https://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article608.asp I managed to run Heores3 acceptably on P133MMX and C&T F65554 2MB card (Toshiba Sat Pro 440CDT). It wasn't fully smooth but perfectly playable at 800x600. If the virge was …

Re: Recommended 2D/3D card for a 233MMX PC

Voodoo Rush is in no way faster than your S3 Virge when it comes to 2D. The Alliance chip on the Rush was derided at the time, where as S3 had one of the most compatible and fast enough 2D cores. There's either something wrong with the drivers used or more likely you are witnessing a placebo effect …

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