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Re: Windows 98 veeeeeeery slow!

But it still takes hours to install which is why I'd rather not do it again and again. This is pretty weird. Do you mean that the actual installation takes hours to finish or the entire process of re-installing drivers and such? If it's the former, something's seriously wrong here, on such a system …

Re: Cyrix MII 233GP

Huh, the more you know. Anyway, mine's the 2.2V version, so that's a good indicator it's a die shrink. Jedi and Gobi seemed interesting. I forget, did VIA ever market any processors that were designed by the Cyrix team? I quite like the later, Centaur-developed, Nehemiah C3, they are plenty fast for …

Re: Cyrix MII 233GP

Funny is even thoug CPU is running at effective 200mhz (2x 100) same as before (3x 66,6) now it gets detected as PR350 and not PR233. Cyrix got a bit desperate by the end there with the PR notation. I have one of those die shrunk MII (they are sometimes called MII v ) at 285 MHz sold as PR400 or …

Re: Windows versions of DOS games list

in DOS
Atlantis : The Lost Tales shipped with a DOS and Windows version on the same disc. The DOS version is pretty finicky and I've seen it lock up on multiple setups before even reaching gameplay.

Re: Graphics card for Via C3 Nehemiah builds?

It's essentially just as flexible (if not more IMO) as a K6+ chip and you get (much) better performance if you want it. The K6-III+ system I had was lovely and I used it as my go-to retro system, but there were a lot of games I wanted to play from 1998-1999 that did not run to my satisfaction. As it …

Re: Graphics card for Via C3 Nehemiah builds?

I realize this is not really viable for most folk, but I've paired my Nehemiah 1.2 running at 1466MHz with a Voodoo5. From various benchmarks found online, I've come to the conclusion that for 3D games the Nehemiah core is about as fast as a Coppermine or Athlon at half the frequency. So I figure my …

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