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Re: Geforce 6600 256MB AGP issues

I got a little confused reading that, I'm not entirely sure your GPU is in one piece. Is your VGA output always having that purple-ish hue you described, even in the BIOS or from a DOS Prompt? If we assume that hardware issues are not an issue, it seems to me you may have borked something when …

Re: Your opinion on the ATi Rage IIC and Rage Pro

Ah, I thought it could do iDCT. That certainly makes for a much more limited usage, although running video full-screen + scaling/resizing however you wished without the CPU breaking a sweat was a big deal even on Pentiums believe it or not. I believe it was Scali that mentioned the upgrade going …

Re: Your opinion on the ATi Rage IIC and Rage Pro

Rage II and Rage Pro had a few things going for them: a) 2D was faster than Virge 325 and Virge DX. That being said, for most people, Virge 325's 2D performance was more than enough. b) Image Quality on Rage cards was pretty good as, much like Matrox, ATi made the cards themselves instead of selling …

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