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Re: 3DFx driver (logo)

I wish someone would have figured out how to swap the logo sequence, with all the attention the drivers got back in the day. As it is you will have to use the old version 2.xx drivers to get the old logo. Unfortunately they are speed sensitive (unlike the newer ones),I believe the consensus is that …

Re: New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy

A lot of people are excited about this project (me included!). This card would cover most of my needs for DOS games. Unfortunately I don't think supply will meet demand (like most things these day). I hope the developers take that into account when they decide on a price.

Re: VRAM Win98

With 128 MB you should be good up to about 2003. I think Doom 3 (2004) was one of the first games that used a bit more than 128 MB although it still runs fine with that amount. This is with the standard texture compression, some games allow you to turn it off which is not recommended.

Re: NVIDIA Quadro4 980 XGL softmod options.

For the 980, you'll be just as well off leaving everything as-is and running the Quadro driver as OpenGL is faster on the Quadro drivers due to additional features and DirectX doesn't suffer any penalty for it. My limited testing showed the Quadro4 to be a bit slower in OpenGL (Direct3D was the …

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