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Re: X800XL AGP vs X850XT AGP - Windows 98

I wouldn't bother trying to find a X850XT PE. You would gain somewhere between 0 and 15% performance, so not much. You could try to overclock it and get a bit more performance. If a Windows 98 game is struggling with your X800 XL then the problem is elsewhere (CPU, memory, AGP speed etc.)

Re: Can't create driver for MX 460 on the laptop

You can't just add NV17 in the early part of NVAML.INF and expect the driver to magically support it, you have to use one of the existing options that the driver actually supports. I would try the NVCRUSH17 that the 01F0 device uses. If that doesn't work try NV10 which is what the regular Geforce 4 …

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