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Re: Blood 1 cutscenes in DOS

in DOS
Updates are here: https://web.archive.org/web/20090503054652/ht … blood.lith.com/ Then try these settings

In need of HDD replacement for NAS, what do you recommend?

in Milliways
My 2-bay NAS uses Hitachi/HGST drives. They have been running for 10+ years now, and obviously need to be replaced. What would be a good brand/type to replace them with, eg: what do you use ? I don't trust the "best NAS drives" searches any more, because I spent all morning and ended up nowhere. A …

Re: Why always 256 MB free?

in DOSBox General
The default of 256 MB for an hdd is a lot of free space for much of the DOS era, but not so much that it can cause poorly-coded software to have numeric overflows or so when calculating. It's just an amount reported to satisfy typical free space checks, it's not actually tracked (increasing and …

Re: New to the hobby, soldering anxiety

in Milliways
My Mom and I are both disabled already and the thought that, through doing this hobby, I might introduce something that worsens our situation scares the shit out of me. She doesn't care and largely thinks I'm being ridiculous fwiw. To make things worse really the only part of our house that has …

Re: Visitor frequency down?

in Milliways
From the perspective of someone who mostly browses "Active Topics", it looks like the emulation sections are a bit quieter now while the retro hardware and software forums are seeing an uptick. That's just my impression though. I don't have any stats to back it up. Ahh.. thats it then, you …

Re: intel 12 gen cpus

in Milliways
Personally, I don't favor Intel, so I'm happy to supply this info: Jens Axboe When I picked it up, he was at 5.1M IOPS Per-Core With AMD Zen 3 + Intel Optane. Now he is at 10M IOPS Per-Core., its crazy 😉

Visitor frequency down?

in Milliways
I find the parts I visit frequently to be somewhat less busy. Is this me or are there less posts than usual? Maybe I'm loosing interest. Let me know 😉

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