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Re: Windows 3.1 / 9x games that require Quicktime

I'm certain that Gadget (1993) used QuickTime for both win16/mac editions. Alice: interactive museum may of been another early adopter of Cinepak/QuickTime. Horror Tour (1997) most likely used it. - One game that definitely does NOT use QuickTime is Burn:Cycle. Anyone confirm if the windows version …

Re: Best Graphic Cards for a 486DX4-133 System

I'd go for any PCI video card made between 1994-1997 for a 486 The best balance between price/performance will include chips from S3, Cirrus, Trident. those with cash to (literally) burn can go for the ATi, Tseng, Matrox, Hercules and the very 1st gen nVidia chips in that time gap. ATI Rage is dirt …

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