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Re: VGA Capture Thread

Using the RCA input of the OSSC for 162MHz pixel clock is a bad move. The VGA input goes directly to the TVP7002 which can digitize up to 165MHz. However the other two inputs are buffered by a THS series buffer first which only has enough bandwidth for ~150MHz pixel clocks. I seriously doubt the …

Re: VGA Capture Thread

I know 1600x1200 is higher bandwidth. Just stating the dot clock isn't *that* much higher. 148.5MHz vs 162MHz. Unfortunately I didn't save any of the captures from that PC it was just a test. I could do it again but it would be a while

Re: VGA Capture Thread

Almost all LCDs with an analog input low pass filter the signal before digitizing it. The OSSC does not The OSSC does have a switchable 95 MHz LPF on its VGA input, but that obviously makes the picture blurry at 1600x1200 and does nothing for the ghosting anyway . I will try with another VGA card …

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