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Re: ASUS rising prices

in Milliways
Prices are high and so is the demand at the moment so that's not going to change anytime soon. Unless you are some power user or always want to play AAA titles maxed out on 4k, you can still have a enjoyable PC experience with hardware from 5 to even 10 years ago. I've been looking into the newer …

Re: ASUS rising prices

in Milliways
In desktop graphics cards: selling lesser quantities for more $ per unit seems to have been the general market tactic (necessity?) for a couple of decades now. It's been a sound business strategy in an era of declining desktop PC popularity. Buoyed by the loyal AAA gaming cadre and the burgeoning …

Re: Windows 95 vs Windows 98

in PC Emulation
Pentium II-300 and lower with 128MB RAM and lower = W95, from software point of view Direct X3/5 = W95 W98 is nice, but with all patches, DX6+ and so on is better for PIII systems with 256MB RAM

Re: Best external disc drives?

in Milliways
In my experience laptop drives made after ~2003 lives much longer than conventional 5.25 models. And slot loader models if that is not SCSI Pioneers even worse, especialy Plextor (i have 3 716 external USB/FW) and all of them scratch discs upon insertion or injecting.

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