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Athlon/Geforce Retro PC drivers

I've spent some time over the holidays tweaking and finishing off one of my retro machines. The idea was "Fast Windows 98" for games like Half-Life and Quake2/3. I've targetted late 2000 for most of the hardware. Its running an Athlon 1100, and a Quadro2 (Geforce 2 GTS) and currently dual boots both …

Re: MT32 and Lucasarts weirdness

Fired up SoftMPU this morning and both Monkey1 and Loom work perfectly with that running. I'm not sure the games are actually requiring Intelligent mode, but i guess SoftMPU is fixing whatever weirdness is going on otherwise, so thats good!

Re: MT32 and Lucasarts weirdness

I did not try SoftMPU. Theres no mention i can find the SoMI or Loom requires SoftMPU for their MT32 music. As i understand it, its only required for certain titles which use "intelligent mode". Perhaps the machine is too fast i guess! Its a bit of a weird machine BIOS wise with not much by way of …

Re: MT32 and Lucasarts weirdness

This was recorded with the AZT2320 fitted, but the SB16 sounded basically the same (also note the music takes ages to actually start playing): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_miQ7e7qtkU&feature=youtu.be This was recorded with the ESS1868 fitted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0u-pUtJDzs&feature= …

MT32 and Lucasarts weirdness

I posted this in another thread but didnt get any responses and i figure it was probably not the right place for it. I've also since done some additional testing. I've been trying to get my 486/MT32 build up and running and i'm having some issues. Hopefully someone can give me some pointers. The PC …

Re: Monkey Island 1&2: Roland MT-32 + Sound Blaster support

in DOS
I know its an old thread, maybe making my own would make more sense, but it seems to fit here. I've been setting up an old 486 and wanted to get these games working. PC has a SB16 value, and a first revision MT32. Its a AMD X5 133 chip, with 32megs of ram. As downloaded, both monkey 1 and 2 both run …

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