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Re: Wing Commander 4 on old hardware.

I have an original DVD version that came with my Creative PC-DVD Encore kit back in 1998 or so. I'm not sure if it runs on any 9x computer with the ability to play MPEG2 files, or if it requires the Dxr2 decoder board. If there's anything on the disc that would help you, let me know.

Re: Intro, my 1997 computer

The big tall Dallas module? It has a primary cell encapsulated within the epoxy. It's dead. You can hack it to bits and make a monstrosity with a coin cell holder on top of it so you can maintain it when the cell runs flat every decade or so. Or, there are DIY replacements available that look a …

Re: EARLIEST CD-ROM Drives that could Read CD-R's ???

Yeah, no doubt. I've got a little USB-powered Pioneer BDXL drive that is just an absolute champ. This thread started 10 years ago, but FWIW, the combination of reader, writer, media, and (to a lesser extent) speed all contribute. There's no formula for this. I have used CD-Rs in many of my old 2x, …

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