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Re: Mouse issue in Grand Touring

in Windows
I noticed that too. I suspect it isn't coded to even handle 125hz mice, Windows 9x is apparently limited to 40hz. I don't know any software workaround for mouse polling rate issues. What if I plug in a PS/2 mouse to my Windows 11 PC, I have a PS/2 port for a seemingly new chipset? Do PS/2s use 40hz …

Re: Problematic Windows games list

in Windows
You can add a few older Golf simulations to the list. Microsoft Golf 1998 Microsoft Golf 1999 Microsoft Golf 2001 Links LS 1999 Links Extreme Links LS 2000 Links LS Classic Links 2001 I tried them all, they're completely unplayable with any DDraw wrapper out there. Some are even freezing my whole …

Re: Sierra PGA Championship Golf 2000 Problems

in Windows
Just installed the patch. Still the same. On my older Windows 7 PC the game didn't have such Problems. The problems came with my new Windows 10 PC. Just bumping this up as there is now a fully functioning fix for Win 10: Extract DXWrap.dll to your PGA 2000 Bin folder. Overwrite when asked. Backup …

[Fixed] Sierra PGA Championship Golf 2000 Problems

in Windows
Hi there. I Need some help getting PGA Championship 2000 to run correctly on my Windows 10 PC. The game itself installs and plays without any faults or errors. Ist just the 3D parts of the graphics, that are corrupted. All 3D objects are flickering purple and have garbled textures. The 2D parts, …

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