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Re: HardMPU, anyone?

All components are identical, except for 100nF ceramic capacitors (murata vs generic chinese), electrolytic capacitor (22uF polymer vs 47uF low-esr) & slightly different board.

Re: HardMPU, anyone?

That "reset problem" probably needs only slight delay on reset pulse. I had 2 HardMPU boards with different capacitors - this was enough for one to work reliably, while other was glitchy.

Re: I cannot figure out what SoundBlaster is this?

BloodyCactus wrote on 2021-06-27, 12:13: strangest clone I've seen a while. chip dates all over the place. its weird to see the giant dip40 8051 next to the plcc 8051, and an giant ceramic eeprom as well. CT1336 contains glue logic, while CT1351 (8051 inside) was replaced with 8031 (8051 w/o ROM) + …

Re: Tseng mdram different models

Dunno about AJ & SJ, but in my experience you can mix 908 & 909, but you cannot mix -100 and -120. Even if socketed are faster than soldered ones. I have ET6000 with 908-100, ET6000 with 909-120 and some spare 908-120 MDRAM. 908-100 + 908-120 didn't work, while 909-120 + 908-120 works fine. I'll …

Re: SB 2.0 CT1350 capacitors

Nope, thanks. I've already assembled one, works fine. You can find PCBs & ICs in Pavel's shop. I can share component map with resistances/capacitances bit later. https://chipkin.ru/product/testovaya-plata-so … laster-2ct1350/

Re: Rage 128 memory upgrade

Can't spot any other differences. Maybe there is something different under the heatsink? Rage 128 GL datasheet doesn't mention any straps to define memory config, but at least is says that some of them are rom-based, while other - pull-up/down on the MPP (multimedia peripheral port).

Rage 128 memory upgrade

I happen to have a Rage 128 PRO (109-63200-01) with a 16mb / 64-bit bus, and 2 memory chips, identical to those that are already on the card. So I tried soldering them on, plus some resistors, capacitors and resistor packs - all the differences I've noted from 128-bit version. Sadly that didn't work …

Re: CGA Replica / Potential New-Design CGA Card

Apologies for the late reply, my alarms didnt go off this morning which is quite lovely. In response to a few of these, lets get going. 1) If I were to go the FPGA route, I could probably integrate everything from CGA, EGA, Tandy, and VGA on one chip. I would need to look at how many logic cells …

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