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Re: SB 2.0 CT1350 capacitors

Nope, thanks. I've already assembled one, works fine. You can find PCBs & ICs in Pavel's shop. I can share component map with resistances/capacitances bit later. https://chipkin.ru/product/testovaya-plata-so … laster-2ct1350/

Re: Rage 128 memory upgrade

Can't spot any other differences. Maybe there is something different under the heatsink? Rage 128 GL datasheet doesn't mention any straps to define memory config, but at least is says that some of them are rom-based, while other - pull-up/down on the MPP (multimedia peripheral port).

Rage 128 memory upgrade

I happen to have a Rage 128 PRO (109-63200-01) with a 16mb / 64-bit bus, and 2 memory chips, identical to those that are already on the card. So I tried soldering them on, plus some resistors, capacitors and resistor packs - all the differences I've noted from 128-bit version. Sadly that didn't work …

Re: CGA Replica / Potential New-Design CGA Card

Apologies for the late reply, my alarms didnt go off this morning which is quite lovely. In response to a few of these, lets get going. 1) If I were to go the FPGA route, I could probably integrate everything from CGA, EGA, Tandy, and VGA on one chip. I would need to look at how many logic cells …

Searching for ET6100 BIOS

Greetings. Recently I've found that ET6100 ICs are pretty cheap in china, so I've decided to upgrade one of my "out-of-trash & requires repairs" ET6000 boards with this chip. However I cannot find BIOS for ET6100 online. Can anyone dump it, preferably using a programmer?

ITI-714 Tseng ET4000W32i + VIPeR Fx

Greetings. I see this board (full name - Insync Technologies Inc ITI 714) for sale on a local auction. It's badly damaged (VGA is ripped off with part of the PCB), but it may be OK. Can't find any drivers and info, other than it's probably a ET4000 ISA card with S-video & composite capture via …

Re: HardMPU, anyone?

Greetings. I've encountered a small problem with HardMPU - some of the boards I've made only work after a soft-reset. Otherwise it is not detected by configuration and games + no HardMPU line on MT-32 screen. As far as I understood that depends on the host system and board itself - currently I've …

Need help restoring AWE32

Greetings. Long time ago someone donated me an AWE32 CT3990, probably already with problems. By the time I was able to test it only SB16 part of it worked, EMU8000 test ending in total system hang-up. Since EMU8000 chip was heating up I assumed that it was faulty, and bought a scrapped CT3910 - also …

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