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Re: dgVoodoo 2.7.x and related WIP versions

I think I'm going to clear my mind, I'm fed up with dgVoodoo. 😁 At least, with coding, for a while. Well you deserve a rest Dege! This is for me the very best version until now. My old dx8/ dx9 race sims runs better than ever in dx12. About same or even higher fps and way smoother likely as the …

Re: dgVoodoo 2.6.x and related WIP versions

Really like the wrapper. Using it mainly in the older Gmotor games like Gtr2, GTL, Race 07 and AMS. Giving a much sharper clear display and a better 3D feeling. Unfortunately it also cost a lot of fps as I need to add minimum X4 MSAA. It is like the AA in game and /or in Nvidia inspector are not …

Re: WIP versions

With WIP57 In Gtr2, GTL and the other Gmotor2 games some of the specular shaders are off But not always, maybe a Alpha layer issue? And 2048 Mb Vram drops fps with 50% vs 1024 Mb Vram.

Re: WIP versions

teleguy wrote: syhlif32 wrote: Any chance to get 2048 and 4096Mb Vram? Larger tracks slow down quite a lot. You can type in whatever value you want. Thanks didn't know that. Can't get it to accept higher than 2048Mb. Got 8192Mb Not even sure it helped but have left it at 2048Mb anyway.

Re: WIP versions

Works great in the race sim games I care most about GTR2 and GTL. Reflection are better sky and lights looks better only the rain fog is missing so kind of clear while raning. Race 07 got issues due to a shadow Zbuffer but the shaders can be disables. AMS (Automobilista) kind of works the sky is …

Re: WIP versions

Also GT legend works, however the steam version is a bit wonky to launch. since GT legend use some sort of compatibility patch stuffed inside an exe file, there is difference between running the game normal , trough steam or with admin. Not sure if you know about that little quirk, but after you …

Re: WIP versions

Thanks for the great work. Really impressive. Can't get nether Gtr2 not GT Legends to work in Dx9 despite they are Sm 2.0. They do have a incomplete set of dx8 shaders and they work with wip53 d3d9.dll Thanks again this really gives new life to older games.

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