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Re: Is it possible to remove a Pentium III CPU from a Slot 1 board and use this CPU on a Socket 370 motherboard?

The cartridges for Coppermine PIIIs are basically like a slocket without a ZIF socket, it just exposes the soldered-on CPU pins in the SC242 form factor. Once you've desoldered it, you'd need to mount the BGA onto an appropriate adapter for fitting in a PGA370 socket. Which all sounds like a fiddly …

Re: percentage of old PCs and components that are saved?

in Milliways
Even the government is in on the act with car trade in schemes to help the "environment" ok maybe a little, but lets be honest it helped the economy a lot more! Economics drives environmental policy far more than environmentalism. Recycling is sold as a panacea when it's the least effective of the …

Re: mobygames new interface

in Milliways
Errius wrote on 2023-02-22, 18:24: However you can get the old interface back by adding /reference to the URL Thank you so much. I've been going through a lot of film listings and the current bloated site takes ages to load. Now it actually loads like I have 70 megabit broadband rather than dial-up …

Re: Pentium II 550mhz

As mentioned, the Pentium II was expected to be longer lived, but after only about a year on the market Intel rebranded it to Pentium III. It really should have been called the Pentium II SSE, as per the Pentium MMX. And then the Pentium 4... oh never mind. This is what happens when marketing runs …

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