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Re: end of DVD storage

in Milliways
I've got a bottleg VCD of The Matrix burned to two Infiniti 'professional' quality CD-Rs circa April 2000. The discs appear completely unblemished but the audio is choppy. I'm unsure if that's an issue with VLC (SPDIF passthrough is similarly broken). I'd test it in MPC but, pertinent to this thread …

Re: I love big crt's

Someone's selling a 21" CRT TV near me which I'm interested in acquiring, but first I desperately need to offload a bunch of CRT monitors to free up some storage space. I still haven't tested three of them yet because I have even less space to work on them - I just couldn't stand the thought of them …

Re: Man builds his own 80s VHS store in the cellar

in Milliways
I've seen similar projects in the past and wished I could do a tenth of that. Sadly my basement is much too small so I had to pass up on the ex Blockbuster display shelves I saw on eBay once. Consequently I can't go fully nuts indulging my nostalgia. Compared to 500 DVDs and Blu-rays, this is …

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