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Re: Strangest thing found on harddrives

in Milliways
When I started work as a postman in 2007 I came across enough PCs tossed on the street that I started carrying a screwdriver with me so I could 'techraid'. In one rough area I stripped a low-end turn-of-the-century Dell system of what I could carry (CPU, RAM, HDD). Seems the local youth gang had …

Re: ever buy job lots of CPUs etc?

in Milliways
What's behind that phenomenon? I'd really like to know how much profit someone makes after extracting gold from 15 AMD CPUs. There is no way that amateurs out there are making a profit on gold extraction unless they've been gifted: the tools and abundant chemicals required to process the material …

Re: Your saddest retro computer pictures, a feel bad topic

in Milliways
there is a trend now (actually its been around for while) to use old technology as mere decoration The average person isn't going to get much use out of a K6-2, alas; but viewing it as a decoration rather than a tool is really how modern devices are marketed. Once the rate of development plateaus, …

Re: Good value Win98 Graphic Card

Well, balls. I started work on a build using a free LGA775 board I got and obtained an FX1300 to see if I could put it to use running 98 on modern-ish hardware, but it sounds like that works out somewhere between very sub-optimal and awful. At least the Quadro card was dirt cheap.

Re: Looking for Tom Clancy's games

in Milliways
Apologies, mod. The games odd absence from any online store and its presence on the particular site led me to view it as legitimate, against my initial judgement. OP, since you already have an Eagle Watch disc could you not just buy a replacement for the scratched one and second hand copies for the …

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