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Re: PowerPC Dynamic Recompiler (patch)

Check if the same thing occurs with the frameskip set to 1 or 2. Hi, so i got only ~16 fps values with frameskip 1, 2, 3. MorphOS has DFS2 turned on on PowerBooks and ImacsG5 so on PowerMacG5 it always runs full speed. btw. What about playing with cache size defines, is it worth playing with them?

Re: PowerPC Dynamic Recompiler (patch)

Hi, First of all, big thx for writing PPC dynarec. I've made a port for MorphOS operating system and it works pretty well. (only //#define USE_SDA_BASE was needed). MorphOS runs on PowerMacs mostly and i'm testing DosBox on my PMac G5 2.3 PCIe. There is one strange thing regarding speed. I've …

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