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Re: VGA Capture Thread

Hi! I am looking for advice. I need record video from C64, C128, Amiga 500 and DOS-based VGA (up to 800*600). Will be good have posibility record and see video at one time. PC-dvr is mac mini (with usb2) or laptop (ubuntu, usb3) or old PC with Amd Phenom (4 core).

Re: AWE64 alternatives

Are there any alternatives to the AWE64 Gold, such as another card with expandable ram, that would be cheaper? mmm... Imho, here is not many alternatives - few card (if fogot about cheap, with cheap - near to zero). Can recomend check: EWS64[X]XL, rare not cheap but and not very expensive. AWE32 …

Re: MP-32 : Pi based MT32, GM, ... module

I have 2 setup: 1u server case with 8 rpi3 and power supply. Total - 16 rpi3. No one micro sd stay alive after 1 year work (have no hard work). So, I want notify: linux on micro sd - is not best choice. PS: I am have rumors about PI1541 Hat, as talks, they not boot full linux - used just few boot- …

Re: DOS Development Forum?

in DOS
Known bug - Sound Blaster support (PRO and 16) - does not came IRQ into DOSBOX (on hardware - works). So, on big files, play music stops, when make step over 64K memory page (I try to fix it, now). Now is fixed. So I have a question (for myself and to all): make full release (put it on github) now …

Re: DOS Development Forum?

in DOS
This sounds interesting, is there a download link somewhere where I can try it out? I am not ready to make "release version" (full version with sources, because I want implement many things - so, by my opinion, its unfinished), now. It is more near to "proof of concept". Few words, about what is …

Re: DOS Development Forum?

in DOS
I am also looking for developers forum. My expirience: I had develop tiny-basic 16-bit compiler for DOS in C (status: compiler - done, vm - done, graphics+fxsound library - done, I try to finalize fm-sound and develop more games for compiler-examples), also have expirience in asm and C--.

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