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Re: 3 (+3 more) retro battle stations

According to this legitimately looking document, the VM386SX+ is its own design that is 10-40 % faster than baseline Intel 386SX. Suddenly the 386SX field is more interesting. The same document contains very interesting information about Cyrix and Texas Instruments. There is a diagram showing how …

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

This is my newly finished 286 build. More of my computer builds are available on my website . Am286-16 01.jpg Am286-16 02.jpg Am286-16 03.jpg Nice. I have an affection for 286s. Count me in as well. That case looks brand spanking new inside. Is that a NOS PSU? So shiny... Never understood people …

Re: VGA games with only 16 colors

in DOS
Maybe not the best image, but quite some time ago I was trying to take screen grabs of the Bitmap Brothers game Gods. In the below image you see the 320x200 frame buffer dump (garbled) but when you resize that to 352x181 you get the correct alignment (they resize the framebuffer for smooth panning). …

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