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Re: ET4000AX variants

I have a couple of these cards myself. I haven't really done anything with them but I'd love to know more about them if anyone has any info. Especially the big-ass VIGAVGA+ card. Filename IMG_20190623_154902.jpg File size 1.18 MiB Views 44 views Filename IMG_20200301_113055.jpg File size 1.28 MiB …

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

AMD K7 Rage Fury Maxx (8).jpg AMD K7 Rage Fury Maxx (1).jpg AMD K7 Rage Fury Maxx (2).jpg AMD K7 Rage Fury Maxx (12).jpg That's a very nice cable management. Care to share how stuff is routed? My intention is obviously to steal your ideas! ;) Do you know the word "copyright"? xD I think this …

Re: Porting DOS games to modern platforms

in DOS
gabonator wrote on 2021-04-18, 12:56: I have finally found some time to make a demonstration video how a game can be completely rewritten into C++ in less than 25 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fAeUx8A-OE Amazing work. Thanks for posting that!

Re: Why DOS died...

in Milliways
Horse and carriage is no longer the common way of transportation, but it once was the defacto standard. Same as horse and carriage wasn't supposed to be the end goal, just a stepping stone in the progress of transportation, and so were DOS and Amiga[OS]. Neither of those were the endgame, just …

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