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Sony Trinitron monitor dark with Voodoo2 Card?

I have a Voodoo2 STB Blacl Magic PCI card (name it was listed as) plugged in with a PCI Diamond Stealth 3d card. I have them plugged up to a Sony Vivitron/Trinitron 1572 Gateway 2000 monitor. The monitor is bright and beautiful plugged into my 486 machine. To the point I had to turn brightness down …

Y cable for using not joystick and SC-88?

I bit the bullet and bought a SC-88VL. I'm wanting to hook it up to the game port on my sound card, but still be able to use a gravis gamepad. Could someone point me to a reasonably priced cable that will allow this? Also, I know it's off topic but would I need to remove the DreamBlaster S2 from my …

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