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Re: Windows 95 vs Windows 98

I have: 386DX-40, 32MB ram - Dos 6.22 (+ Norton Commander) Am486DX4-100, 128MB ram - Dos6.22 + Windows for Worgroups 3.11 Pentium MMX 266MHz, 256MB ram - Windows 98SE I'm skipping the Win95, as the 98 is just a better version of it, to be honest...

Re: Ressurrection attempt : 386DX 40

Even if you can set up drives with their correct size in bios, that doesn't mean it's going to work. Probably you hit the ~500MB hdd support limit. Either set it to ~500MB drive in bios (CF cards are generally fine with that) or use any kind of bios helpers: XT-IDE (1kB conv. mem consumption), …

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