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Re: Best PCI sound card to work on DOS natively

in DOS
M0101 wrote on 2021-04-04, 08:52: What about SoundBlaster Live!? What about SoundBlaster 128 PCI? The Ensonic AudioPCI based card? Oh no, please don't! I'm still seeing (hearing) nightmares on it's OPL and MIDI.

Re: network shareing method with windows 95 on windows 8?

in Milliways
Well, sure, there's the Microsoft networking client for DOS. But again, the only advantage there is that you can stream data and it most definitely isn't as easy to get going as FTP, at least these days. (It takes up a big chunk of RAM, too.) Curious what the current state of ease/difficulty is to …

Re: CF vs DOM vs SSD

I've been using cheapest chinesium 4/8 GB CF cards on my 386 with dos up to P-MMX with Win98SE, with absolutely 0 problems. It almost sounds like maybe people just don't know, how to prepare the CF card. (partitioning, "active" bit on partition, but if i remember, there was a bit on card as well, to …

Re: FastDoom. A new Doom port for DOS, optimized to be as fast as possible for 386/486 personal computers!

https://youtu.be/b2B8PnDj-DI Here is a little update of what i'm currently developing for FastDoom. Text video modes rendering at 80x25 and 80x50 (and maybe more hidden modes such as 132x44) with 16 colors. It's missing all menus / intermissions / text messages and HUD but rendering is done nearly …

Re: Network Programming

in Milliways
Mr. Brutmann with mTCP stack might be helpful. It works on top of packet driver and provides TCP/IP stack. And of course, it's a modern approach to do this.

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