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Re: 5:4 LCD screen for retro pc

There are 5:4 LED monitors for the business market, with the resolution topped out at 1280 x 1024. The old 1600 x 1200 monitors can occasionally be found, but many old games don't support that resolution, so you shouldn't go for one of those. I often find piles of the old LCD monitors in the thrift …

Re: 5:4 LCD screen for retro pc

I would still recommend you to keep your eyes open to find a 1024x768 or 1600x1200 resolution LCD screens. :) They do appear here and there time to time. I keep looking on ebay, do you have any particular model to advice which support 1600x1200? No, not really. I have few features, i would love to …

Re: Why DOS died...

in Milliways
I've been doing some typing/programming in DOS recently. And the reason why it died bacame cristal clear for me - it does not have copy/paste functionality :D Huh, copy paste worked fine in Turbo Pascal 3. Don't you remember your wordstar key bindings? Well, it works in many text editors. But what …

Re: File managers for Windows 3.1?

StevOnehundred wrote on 2021-08-24, 12:19: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calmira It's great to look at, but if always fails after few minutes of usage. Bug-ridden top to bottom... I wish there would be an active community around it and it would be actually usable... 🙁

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