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Similar game to Fire Fight?

in Windows
Hello! I love the game Fire Fight by Chaos Works and Epic Megagames. I think it is a underrated gem which has only one disadvantage - it needs windows. Nevertheless - can you recommend some similar game? I know there exist Desert Strike, Jungle Strike etc. but from some reason they did not amused me …

Re: Best Midi Player For Dos And Windows

For DOS is an interresting option also Cubic player. It emulates the MIDI interface via PCM audio and samples stored in .PAT files. The same approach is used also in player Timidity. Unfortunately MPXplay still does not have such feature for playing MIDI files.

Re: Playing GOG games on real Retro DOS PC

Wow! Very impressive machine! I am also curious about hardware conflicts between your soundcards. But to your question: Are you able to mount the CD ISOs in some program like Daemon Tools? It shout mount many ISO formats and subformats and to give you some information about the ISO. Don't forget …

Re: Dos games on Geforce 4/5/6/7 and LCD in Win98SE, black screen in fullscreen mode, but i can get back to window mode..

I face this issue for years. It can corfirm it in the GeForce 4MX and GeForce 2 MX400. It happens with windows drivers 5x.yy.zz and up. The last drivers without this bug are 45.xx.yy Unfortunately these drivers lack some functions and can not run f.e. Operation Flashpoint What is interresting is the …

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