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Re: Windows 95 and Win3.11 dual boot?

It's possible to install Windows 95 on top of a MS-DOS partition, but you are limited to a 2GB partition size and FAT16 filesystem. Install MS-DOS, Windows 3.x and after install Windows 95 in the same partition. When prompted that there is an existing Windows version, press OK and select a different …

Re: Which Soudtracker / Mod-Player to use with MS-DOS

in DOS
I think openmpt123 has support for almost any format. It has a DOS version: https://lib.openmpt.org/libopenmpt/download/ But with a Pentium 200 I get CPU usages around 90% playing 4 channel MODs. I think a 386 would not be able to play any file (and it also requires a coprocessor, which I think the …

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