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Re: ESS1868F IRQ DOS/WIN98 problems

dos isn't initialising any other hardware than what is needed, so unisound is setting the irq at 5 for the sound card. this setting isn't permanent, it's just the TSR in dos making it up as it starts. which is absolutely normal. the motherboard's resources show you irq 9 because win95 and win98 are …

Re: How often do you purchase retro hardware?

once or twice a month, sometimes less if i feel like ive gone over my imaginary budget. i make exceptions for local facebook marketplace sales - if i see something too cheap to pass up then i make an enquiry and hope nobody else has snatched it up. im happy to go for a drive to get a bargain.

Re: Best Graphics Card for MMX Celron Build

as someone who had a celeron 333 and geforce2 mx back in the day, it worked quite well. a geforce 2 mx400 would be better and possibly the geforce 4 mx series even moreso. i remember playing a lot of half life/opposing force, along with tony hawk 2 and twisted metal 2. i was getting decent …

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