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Re: Asus Drivers ( Geforce 2 GTS "v7700" )

Yeh I used the 71.84 drivers, 30.82 and the newest 81.98. I found an original driver disk for the 7100 series that also contains the drivers for the V7700. When I installed that one, everything was working fine. Games don't crash, 3DMark runs normally. ( was crashing everytime when i wanted to start …

Asus Drivers ( Geforce 2 GTS "v7700" )

Hi Guys, Recently i got a Geforce 2 GTS. When i tried to install the Forceware drivers from Nvidia the computer doesn't reconise the card as a Direct3D card. I can play OpenGL games like Quake 2 en 3 but its stuggling with Direct3D. I was thinking, can it be that i need the Original Asus Drivers for …

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