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Re: Anybody recognises this MDA card?

Good to know that the LPT could be disabled: I already have one on my multi-io card. Remember that the parallel port on MDA/Hercules cards is at port 3BC, and thus won't conflict with a parallel port on a multi-I/O card at 378. You might still want to disable the video card parallel port to avoid …

Re: Schneider Euro PC

The original PC 5150 had one slot that was special, I vaguely remember. No, the special slot is not in the 5150, but in the 5160. It's "slot 8" which is driven by a different data path, and thus needed a "CARD SELECT" signal to activate that data path. I suspect the fan-out of the data drivers for …

Re: Is Cirrus Logic CL-GD5426 VLB any good?

The CL-GD5426 is a basic entry-level local bus graphics chip. It's usually faster than the best ISA graphics cards, because it communicating with the processor at full front-side bus speed, but it still processes only 16 bits a time. Regarding performance, it's at the low end what's acceptable for a …

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