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Re: Looking for help with analyzing disassembled code->

in Milliways
And yes, Cartooners does actually support VGA despite the big decorated "EGA" text in the title screen. It still uses only 16 colors in VGA but takes advantage of the more refined palette supported by it. Try running Cartooners with "machine=EGA" in DOSBox - the colors will be less subtle. This …

Re: Smoke coming from PAS16

Do you think it’s worth first powering on the card in the PC without the Crystal chip installed and seeing if I can get some basic function? I could also keep thermal camera on it and see what heats up. That's actually a good idea, because if that fails, you can be quite sure there is another fault …

Re: Smoke coming from PAS16

If VD is taken from +5V and VA is taken from +12V using a regulator, there should be no really low impedance path between VA and VD. If you see less than 5 ohms between VA and VD, and you also see VA is coming from the 7805, something that is connected to both VA and VD might have an internal short …

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