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Re: Intel smashes Ryzen

And I think Silicon Valley is goin to All the computer companies are moving to Texas because of Cheap labor and less taxes. Funny part is most computer companies and software houses started with major presences in Texas then all went bankrupt/left/got bought out Now all of a sudden they are going …

Re: Intel smashes Ryzen

I’m sure Intel getting smashed will have a big affect on the fact my newest computer is 10 years old and counting . I see nothing worth upgrading for at this point

Re: Need help finding childhood Super 7 mobo w/ big Dragonfly on box (ALI Aladdin chipset)

Commate is Commel I think. They must have changed their name since the 90's As for DCS according to evasive (from nearly 18 years ago !), this is a reseller, not an actual board maker http://www.motherboards.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=52642#p52642 DCS/Commate was one of the dirty dozen of PCCHIPS/ …

Re: 8-Bit Guy video's are becoming a chore!

vetz wrote on 2020-11-24, 10:56: chinny22 wrote on 2020-11-24, 10:37: I don't know why and it's stupid but his voice annoys me, it's just so pleasant and softly spoken. I thought I was the only one, I just can't handle the voice. Lady what’s her faces sound effects grind on me, I typically mute …

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