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Re: Tandy 1000 TL/2 + Upgrades

I tried out the Tandy 640x200 16 color driver for SCI 1 this morning using the LSL1 VGA remake. The result looks pretty nice, though as I expected this game is more or less unplayable on an 8 mhz 286. The fastest machines with this video mode would only be 10 mhz, so I doubt they would fair much …

Re: Monitor question

I've read that 320x200 resolution games look best on a smaller(15 or 17in) shadow mask CRT, how true is this? I currently own a 21 inch diamond pro 2020u. Would a smaller monitor really look that much better for 320x200 games? This is similar to the argument games look best on a CRT TV set. A clear …

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