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Re: Retro paradox?

I think quite a bit of knowledge is actually lost over time. Some people tend to spend a bit of time and effort trying to learn it over again and with the internet those people are just easier to find. The hardware is dead simple compared to current and some “restricted “ info is in the public …

Re: Best Games for a 286 640k 12mhz

There are several Simpsons and TMNT games that run fine Shareware Wolfenstein / Sphere of Destiny (some think you need a Core I9 to run it but I always did fine on my 10mhz 286, slight choppiness was normal) Kens Labrynth Certain versions of Sim City Old MS Flight Simulators Cannon Fodder Jill Of …

Re: Windows 3.0 Real Mode Software

Back when most ppl had 640K and Windows was just edging into people's consciousness, it was kinda regarded as a klunky DOS task switcher, and a desirable feature of DOS apps those days was to be "windows aware" not sure if that defines much really, I guess that it was well behaved, maybe could use …

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