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Re: dosbox crashes on startup

Had the same problem with an XP SP3 Dell laptop. Updating DirectX didn't help either, and dxdiag also failed to enumerate DirectInput. So I rebuilt SDL without DirectX support and everything works. Extract the attached SDL.DLL over the one in the DosBox directory, and make sure you set the video …

Re: Request for help with Munt (not just coders)

in MT-32 General
Attached is the HDL design for a buffered digital acquisition setup I designed for the MT32 (but did not actually have time to physically implement, PCB and all.) -----------------------+ +-------------+ | | MT32 | | Ext. RAM | | COMPUTER | +-----+ | |(capt.buffer)| +--------------+ digital | DAC | …

Re: A weird problem

so it won't work - limitation in windows' pif IIRC one possible workaround is to set the TEMP user environment variable to a directory where you have access but whose path is made out of ASCII characters (e.g. c:\windows\temp if you are admin) V.

Re: MIDI music is low quality

Nope, VDMSound MIDI uses Windows' MIDI. What prolly happens is that in the game you chose MT-32 MIDI while in LaunchPad (or vdms.ini if not using Launchpad) you have "General MIDI", or vice-versa (General MIDI in the game but MT32 in VDMS.) If these two settings don't match then "the MIDI instrument …

Re: Problems with temporary files location

Yepp, it's a Windows problem alright. LaunchPad generates a temporary .pif (that's Windows) file that refers to a temporary CONFIG.NT and AUTOEXEC.NT files, but Widnows gives the error you see when the paths to AUTOEXEC.NT/CONFIG.NT contain funny stuff. NOW, the latest VDMSound from Vogons puts the …

Re: VDMSound DOS path-> variable drive path?

Yes, just manually replace "D:\...." with "." or remove the entire path if the shortcut is in the same dir as the .exe in the dialog you took in a snapshot. That should work and avoid any subst. Also, once on CD, you can tell VDMSound to create shortcuts onto your desktop should you need to change …

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