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Re: S3 ViRGE deep dive

Interesting writeup. I suspected that the DX with EDO mem is preferrable to the GX with SDRAM, and now I know why. As someone who tested the faster Virge DX in many 1990s 3D games, my impression is that it was OK for 1996 - 1997 simple 3D games, especially if you use a lower resolution like 400 x …

Re: Good value Win98 Graphic Card

What kind of problems were you seeing with the Quadro FX 1300? I'm wondering if the same problems would be seen with the Geforce PCX cards (official PCIe FX cards) What specific games have issues with the newer drivers? Here are some of my test notes. Quadro FX1300, Asus A8V-XE, A64 4000, Win 98, …

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