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Re: Live-booting a HDD-less Pentium4 laptop to backup floppy disks.

in DOS
I know the iPXE website has a guide on netbooting and installing XP and later to an iSCSI disk. I don't think a PXE and TFTP server would be necessary in that case since you can write an iPXE image to a floppy, CD, or your NIC's EEPROM, but you'll need another host to provide an iSCSI target. I know …

Re: nt 4.0 server

You can set up Services for Macintosh and be able to host a few file shares and printers to some networked classic macs if you have any. Probably even set it up to act as a bridge between retro Macs and PCs (have fun dealing with file type/creator codes though).

Re: Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro Internal Pictures and Dissassembly Instructions

IIRC the buttons on the base are disabled under Thrustmaster/CH emulation mode. Windows 98 should already have drivers for digital mode. Edit: Someone was kind enough to upload a Sidewinder 3D manual PDF, which pretty much says the same thing (well, for 95). https://www.vogonsdrivers.com/getfile.php …

Re: When PC became soulless for you?

kolderman wrote on 2022-07-18, 23:54: When running your own servers for multi-player games were no longer a thing. This one hurts. The only modern game I can think of that still supports this is Minecraft, and even then there's a bigger and bigger push to get you to use their Realms service.

Huh, I thought Gateway was dead...

https://www.zdnet.com/article/holy-cow-gateway-laptops-return-via-walmart-exclusive/ Gateway PCs will be available exclusively at Walmart with a range of laptops that cover multiple price points and use cases. The Gateway devices at Walmart will include laptops, 2-in-1s, and an Ultra Slim and …

Re: dogs in video games

First Red Dead Redemption had dogs, too (they were used in night watch missions). Medal of Honor and MOH:Allied Assault (latter had infinite respawning GSDs in a hidden map)

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