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Re: Windows XP Activation how long?

in Windows
One word (an acronym): SLP. It means System Locked Preinstallation. little edit to clarify: the system needs not to have been literally provided preinstalled for you (needs not include any OEM crapware) as long as you can get untouched OEM XP installation media somehow, and this way you don't need …

Re: Warcraft III Windows XP or Windows 10?

in Windows
The new versions don't have (working) OpenGL support anymore. -graphicsapi OpenGL2 just gives a black screen (game still runs in background though) and -graphicsapi OpenGL4 crashes on startup. This wouldn't be a problem for people other than Wine users except that the game has always had slight …

Re: 4:3 modes in fw900

LOL at the prices. Fortunately TFTs aren't even really bad anymore except for the scaling at non-native resolutions. Back when I bought it I got the FW900 for about 100 euros locally. I used it happily for many years with my PCs, and a PS3 and Xbox360 with an external DAC (HDFury), but in the end it …

Re: 4:3 modes in fw900

The FW900 has an auto-adjust function (accessible via a single button press) that's supposed to automatically setup a good 4:3 picture for you in the current video mode. However, at least on my FW900 it never worked completely correctly: after pressing the button and letting it do it's thing the …

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