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Re: RS232

So using the serial port with Windows 10 + Virtualbox + XP + DosBox + Windows 3.11 was successful, right? If so, then the USB/RS-232 adapter is probably working correctly. If Windows 3.11 works on Virtualbox or some other virtualization software (I don't know if it does), it might be less complex …

Re: Distribute DOSBox Install Package

GOG basically does that when they sell old DOS games. But their installation tools are probably not publicly available. While DOSbox is not desined to run non-games, if your software works well and your goals are not super professional, DOSbox can be a good choice as well.

Re: Running Dosbox on a CRT

Yeah, that's what I thought... How about monochrome displays? Were they ever manufactured with uniform (non-pixelated) phosphor screen? edit: Probably yes, for example in old analog oscilloscopes. But how about computer monitors?

Re: Side Scrolling problem

Can you post a picture or video of the problem? Does the problem only occur in full screen mode, or in window mode as well? Frame rate mismatch, or non-integer scaling of resolution? Just my 2 cents. More details about the problem would be useful.

Re: Running Dosbox on a CRT

Windows' claim as to the native resolution of the monitor is likely based on its interpretation of your HDMI to VGA converter . CRTs do not have a native resolution . [OffTopic] Isn't there some upper limit which is caused by the number of red/green/blue zones on the CRT mask? At least in non- …

Re: Hackers, Hackers, Hackers !....

I see incoming trash traffic all the time in the log of my router which is online 24/7. And so far nothing bad has happened. I think the traffic amounts have actually decreased since the worst IoT malware epidemics. Hackers don't cause your hard disks to break. The correct method of protection …

Re: Capturing movie with MIDI

Hello. When I'm executing a program with MIDI sound (playing via MPU-401 ports 330h/331h) I hear the sound. But when I'm trying to capture the movie (Ctrl+Alt+F5) the sound is not recorded. I.e. it is played but not recorded. Why? And how can I resolve this problem? p.s. When I use audio editor ( …

Re: DOSBox and resolutions and scalers and SVN - How to scale with HQ5x or xBRZ 5x or 6x? windowresolution valid values?

Perhaps you already know this, but if the original resolution is above a certain limit, you have to add "forced" after the scaler option, otherwise it won't activate. And there are also hard-coded resolution limits that disable scalers and they can only be overridden by patching Dosbox. I don't know …

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