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Re: the war machine

It's a column-type fan that can be fitted on the swinging door thing instead of two of the regular fans. I know the 830 can take one but wasn't sure about the 832. Yes, the 832 can take it, but - http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/product_product_id_2703.html **Cross Flow Fan will NOT work with the …

Re: the war machine

The second 775 SLI build in less then a week! I'm liking this new trend :) https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=76338 Also like populating fan bays even if its more just to add character to the case then for the airflow Usually a theme, Red for the Hot P4, Purple PPro (triple P) My blue rig …

Re: the war machine

That is a beautiful system you built. And it's using one of my favorite motherboards too. How's the heat with the two 8800 gtxs? I have a system with one and it can get kinda warm depending on what games I'm playing i added screenshot from 3dmark 2006 to previous post. i tried to just add to this …

Re: the war machine

Filename 6.JPG File size 1.63 MiB Views 372 views Filename 7.JPG File size 1.5 MiB Views 372 views Filename evga.logo.JPG File size 145.48 KiB Views 372 views Filename t3dmark.2006.jpg File size 502.35 KiB Views 372 views Filename 3dmark.temps.jpg File size 456.3 KiB Views 367 views

the war machine

the war machine is finally complete. the case started with some blue components so i just went with it. took about 4 months i think. mostly just waiting for me. cooler master stacker 832 -war machine seasonic focus 850 gold evga 680i sli core2 extreme qx6850 4 x 1GB ocz sli ready ddr 800 2 x evga …

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