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Re: PCSX2 Questions

I was immediately highly offended by your comment, my CPU can run 2019 games (not really bought any in 2020!) just fine like Division 2, Red Dead 2, how can it not handle PS2 emulation!? Minimum specs are for 1,600 Single Core performance on PassMark, which is in the range of things like a Celeron …

Re: Welcome to the updated VOGONS

in Milliways
You assume wrong, why would I want to talk about stuff that's against the rules? Using google for things like that isn't hard lol. It's also weird that without hitting the necessary post count for sending PM, its impossible to reply to PMs that got sent to me too. (so if someone sends a PM to a …

Re: dgVoodoo 2.6.x and related WIP versions

hey Dege, is there any way to contact you outside this forum? (like on discord or something?) Would have some questions. Private messages? I think you cannot send me a private message as a newly registered user but I can to you which you can reply, so the conversation could go on from there. well, …

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