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Re: DOSBox 0.74 Mouse and Numlock Problems

in DOSBox Patches
There definitelely still is a bug in many versions of SDL, including the latest SDL1.2 versions on Windows - They fail to get the initial Numlock and Capslock state from the OS on startup correctly. This bug was fixed in SDL2 somewhere between 2.04 and now, but at least on my very current mingw …

Re: File Timestamp (DOSBOX Windows XP+)

in DOSBox Patches
I took the freedom to adopt this to trunk. The original patch(es) have some problems, so I needed to rework it a bit. Main problem was that they work on file names stored in DosLocalFile Class. These however are mangled DOS style 8.3 names, not the orignal filesystem names. (for example DOSBOX~3 …

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