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Re: I'm really struggling with windows 98

The km400, nforce2 and geforce 6800 are all basically end of '03 going into '04 hardware. If drivers were made, they could be half-baked. You are basically on the very end of what could have had win98 support before it was just discontinued and left for broken. So now you are hunting for specific …

Re: The Joy of MMX

They probably killed Tillamook as soon as a P2 core was mobile ready. PII core was never really mobile ready due to power consumption, that's why PMMX existed alongside it Strange, I remember using a P2 on a thinkpad. But they weren't necessarily good for battery life! But it's quite typical that …

Re: The Joy of MMX

tillamook is interesting but did people actually use them in desktop systems back in the day? compared to K6-2/III it seems like a pretty irrelevant upgrade option. a tillamook 300 potentially matching pii 233 doesn't sound exciting to me because by 1999 the pii 233 was budget range itself and SS7 …

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