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What's this P3

Bought this recently as being a 650 Coppermine, SL3XK. But after removing heat sink, it is obviously a Katmai since it has cache chips. Cache chips are 3.3ns as far as I can see, and TAG is SL3K9, which should be for a 600 MHz Katmai according to https://www.cpu-world.com/sspec/SL/SL3K9.html and …

Re: Socket 7 - Intel Ultimate

It might be a bottleneck even for an MMX 166. I ran some benchmarks and compared them to this Anandtech review from 1998. Somehow, I'm getting similar frame rates as their Pentium II 266 system. Maybe some of the patches and drivers that weren't available at that time helped, but it's still evident …

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