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Re: Munt Reloaded - Development

Well I got the impression there were still some things on the to do list: - Proper Jack support (at least for a n00b like me it's fairly impossible to get that working, e.g. do/don't I need portaudio on a Raspberry Pi) - Building the Qt version for linux is also not straightforward as can be seen in …

Re: Munt Reloaded - Development

Mmm, why didn't I see these Qt suggestions earlier. i ran into similar problems trying to add Munt Qt to patchbox OS. Another evening coming up trying this :) BTW is there something like Munt nightlies. I have the impression there is quite some Munt development going on, however the version I can …

Re: MT32 Qt on Raspberry Pi 3B or Munt LV2 for MODEP

in MT-32 General
OK, thanks. I followed a similar tutorial on retropie to get mt32d & xmt32 working, but that tutorial explicitly excluded the qt binary. However, with my lack of linux knowledge I tried to use this to also get the mt32emu-qt binary. With qt4 I got it sort of working on Patchbox OS, but it killed …

MT32 Qt on Raspberry Pi 3B or Munt LV2 for MODEP

in MT-32 General
I know @t9999clint is working on WavePi, which will probably fulfill most of my needs. Still I wanted to experiment with more options. So in my quest for a Raspberry Pi 3B setup that can act as a Roland MT32 & SC-55 emulator I came across Patchbox OS. I have a Hifiberry DAC+ADC hat and unfortunately …

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