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Replacing oscillator

Hello all! I have in posession Investronica M TUB-002 8086 motherboard ( https://theretroweb.com/motherboards/s/investronica-m-tub-002 ) which is 8 MHz one. It has two oscillators on board, one 14 Mhz, the other 48 Mhz. I think that 48 one is divided by 2, and then by 3, giving 8 Mhz bus speed. I …

Dune 1 and MT-32

Hi all! I'm trying to launch Cryo Dune 1 on 386 machine with MPU-401AT and "old" Roland MT-32 (rom version 1.07) - and getting no music. Should it even work on this setup? (tried to start game from the same folder in Dosbox+Munt - and music plays - so it's not software-related)

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