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Dune 1 and MT-32

Hi all! I'm trying to launch Cryo Dune 1 on 386 machine with MPU-401AT and "old" Roland MT-32 (rom version 1.07) - and getting no music. Should it even work on this setup? (tried to start game from the same folder in Dosbox+Munt - and music plays - so it's not software-related)

Re: Space Quest 3 "Divide overflow" on 286

Hi! What are your full system specs? CPU: Intel 80286-12 MB: Deico PC-286i (https://arvutimuuseum.ee/th99/m/C-D/30611.htm) 4 Mb RAM Sound: Sound Blaster 2.0 CT1350B (hangs when using speaker (STD.DRV) in-game too, so not a culprit) Video: PARADISE PEGA2A EGA Also motherboard battery is replaced …

Space Quest 3 "Divide overflow" on 286

Hello all! Have you ever encountered strange bug in SQ3, error "Divide overflow" appearts in upper left corner and game hangs completely? AFAIK 286 PC is withing recommended specs for this game. This error appears when Sierra logo starts to appear on the screen after launch. There is a workaroung …

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