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DOSBox ECE - FM sound way to silent in some Games

Hello, I apologize if this topic exists already. Didn't find anything on that. DOSBox ECE performs well in almost all of the games I play. Except Indiana Jones 4 talkie version and Dune 2... I am using midi sound and these two games give me normal (expected) volume for music but the FM sound is very …

Docooler hardware

Hello, On Amazon I found a Mainboard. It was manufactured by "docooler". Someone ever heard of them. I assume it's a chinese brand. Does anyone have experiences with their products and can tell something about reliable functioning? This is the board I've found: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/dp/ …

ATI vs Nvidia Scaling

Hello, I am in to that topic for a while now. And since I realized, that ATI makes it possible to have pixel perfect scaling (current card: Radeon HD 5870) I never would use Nvidia again in my current retro gaming machine. I was wondering since when ATI cards are able to produce such clear images... …

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