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Re: 3D games you would like to see in high resolution

in Milliways
I hoped that Night Dive would also do a remake of Terra Nova after they did System Shock.. so far nothing, sadly. TN:SFC likely has to be rigorously reverse engineered before something like this could even happen. I don't think any actual source code for the game exists as far as I know Night Dive …

Re: Why isn't there a 8086 PC remake?

in Milliways
If it comes to simplicity of the pcb design and the still available parts, it's much easier to make new 8088 systems. 8086 are rarer and more complex. And the actual real world difference between a 8088 and 8086 is quite small, so it's not really a good pick if I had to design and sell a retro pc.

Re: AWE64 Gold to MT-32 PI - Is this possible?

You're correct that such a Gravis breakout box is the best solution to your problem. I still see them pop up on market sites sometimes. Connected to a Roland Um-one and it should work fine with your MT32 Pi. I dont think the breakout box is anything fancy, though. I bet you could make your own …

Re: Heretic in 640x480?

in DOS
Doom Legacy also does DOS, steals abrash's video code from quake's old source leak implements high resolutions, and supports Heretic, but there's legacy cruft of course (bloodsplats etc) (I forget the state of Legacy's Heretic support) It seems DOS isn't supported anymore. Only older versions (pre …

Re: Windows 95 keeps "losing" my network card

I've had the same issues with Win95 on my Pentium machine. I had to install my cards in a very specific order or else I would just lose my network card. Windows just couldn't detect it anymore. I suspected it to be an issue with the pnp adress allocation. After MANY hours of trial and error and many …

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