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Re: What do you regret throwing out?

in Milliways
With "thrown out" I imagine you mean throwing it in the trash or have it recycled? In that case I've only thrown away broken parts that are easy replaceable, like case fans or broken PSUs. I've given away or sold parts and whole computers but I've not regretted it (yet). Everything went to other …

Re: My Windows 95 486 build

Never seen someone run Win95 on am MFM drive before. Nice challenge. I would do it just to see if it works, but I doubt it would be fun to work with in the long run. That processor works without a heatsink but it's advised to use one anyhow. There are still chances it would overheat and you'll …

Re: 8k

in Milliways
I recently got a new 4k TV, 55 inch. My FullHD tv was from 2008, so I might have been time for something new. It's quite the improvement. I never use it for games tho. I've been using a 24 inch screen from Dell for my pc for the last 10 years or so. I've been looking at 4k screens from time to time …

Re: Beige-Beast

Turned out to be a nice system. Well done! Can't say I dig that case design, tough. That front panel with the weird extrusion and the gray plate in the middle... makes it one ugly duckling. But yeah, it was the late 90s lol My pentium II system used to be housed in such a late 90s case. All the …

Re: Worst tips from tech support

in Milliways
Their fix to a broken game was not playing the game. We all know games with huge glitches that never got fixed. Some of those are game-breaking bugs. If the developers didn't fix it then customer support has no chance in hell helping the buyer. All this for a $50-70 game that you can't even return. …

Re: Worst tips from tech support

in Milliways
I bought Anno 1701 from GoG.com but it kept crashing on large scenario's. The tech support gave me the best suggestion ever: don't play the big scenario's. I kid you not. Their fix to a broken game was not playing the game.

Re: Getting Sound to Work with DOS games on Windows 98

in DOS
Getting the sound to work correctly in DOS can be tricky. It all depends on how the sound drivers are set up in Windows and for DOS. ESS cards often have pretty good DOS support but you have to make sure you load the DOS driver for it. From what I can gather online you're laptop has an ESS-Maestro2E …

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