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Re: Anybody recognises this MDA card?

Badscrew wrote on 2021-09-18, 11:31: Good to know that the LPT could be disabled: I already have one on my multi-io card. Is it closed disabled or open disable, do you know? In the card I have, closed = disabled. But indeed, it probably won't conflict with the I/O card.

Re: Windows 3.1 on FreeDOS

So, after 20+ years of development, FreeDOS was still unable to run one of the most common DOS programs... and actually, it still can't run it. Considering how long it's taking to clone such a simple OS as DOS... there's no hope for ReactOS, ever. Sad, but true.

Re: FTP is dead (in Mozilla Firefox v90)

in Milliways
Bad news, indeed. The insecurity of FTP is totally irrelevant for sharing public stuff via anonymous FTP. Anyway, now, when browsers drop FTP support, expect FTP servers also getting shut down. Yes, there's nothing new about this - good old FTP sites were being replaced by modern-and-retarded …

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