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Re: Why is Gravis Ultrasound very expensive?

in Windows
Apart from the reasons other people already mentioned, there has long been a tradition in the demo scene to see what's possible with a very limited amount of storage. 64k intro's, 4k intro's etc. A lot of intro's started to use GUS because the mixing routines would be a little bit smaller. To even …

Re: Why is Gravis Ultrasound very expensive?

in Windows
I wasn't around then (too young) but my understanding is a combination of historical reasons and hardware acceleration. If your demo is using tracker-type music you can load all the samples into the sound cards RAM and leave the GUS to do all the mixing letting you spend more CPU time doing fancy …

Re: 775 and ISA

AFAIK - no, floppy can be used in PIO mode. Any details on using FDC without DMA? I suppose boards with FDC but no DMA come with a BIOS that operates the FDC in PIO mode, right? But what about FDC drivers built into various OSes? And what about a four-floppy ISA card, with its own BIOS, which …

Re: CT1350B SB2.0 on 286 w/Windows 3.1?

I've read that Windows 3.1 does not load the multimedia drivers in "standard" mode. Windows 3.1 does load multimedia drivers in Standard mode. Yes, some drivers refuse to work in that mode, but it's a limitation of the driver, not Windows. Drivers for early Sound Blasters are shipped with Windows, …

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