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Re: Aztech Sound Galaxy cards

jesolo wrote on 2020-10-18, 18:07: What happens when you turn the volume wheel at the back of the card? That's irrelevant. The point is: there's no software volume control in SB 2.0. There may be software volume control in that Sound Galaxy card, but only via some Sound Galaxy specific utility, not …

Re: Aztech Sound Galaxy cards

I have the drivers for SB 2.0, but can't see any mixer utility - quite contrary, I've found this in README.TXT: "Please note that there is no Mixer control for Sound Blaster 2.0. Hence, the features available for controlling the volume will not be supported for SBSIM.COM."

Re: Sound card recognition.

PCI devices should be shown in device manager even if there's no drivers for them. Also, many BIOSes list PCI devices. So yes, there's something wrong there - but chances are it's just bad contact, cleaning the connector may help, or even just re-seating the card.

Re: "DOS Subsystem for Linux"?

in Milliways
BTW, I can't see anything impressive about this... Booting Linux from DOS has been possible since the very beginning, see Loadlin. And then there's Dosemu. All the new stuff in that "DSL" boils down to suppressing all the boot messages, so it looks "seamless".

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