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Motherboard causing dirty VGA output?

I am testing this socket370 baord, and when I fire it up with the first GPU, the VGA quality is garbage. Like the monitor is not syncing right and all these lines moving upwards quickly on the screen. I assume it's the card - so I try another one. Same issue. Try a PCI vga card. Same. The issue is …

Re: GeForce 4 vs. GeForce FX?

The stigma makes it cool now IMO. The fact that something people would have vomited over in 2003 is now arguably the best build for retro gaming for that era is kind of awesome. And in case you forget, the noise roar will constantly remind you 😦

Re: The frustrations of the GPU market

in Milliways
appiah4 wrote on 2022-01-21, 07:46: I just bought an HD5750 for my Athlon II X4 640 second PC I use to play mostly XBOX 360 era games on. My HD6850 died and I looked online for a replacement, something like an HD5850/6850/7770 and fuck me, the prices.. You mean that box of 5850s I collected is …

Re: Making a new soundfont for the AWE 64

This idea that large soundsfonts must sound better is an idea that needs to die. No it doesn't. Please refer me to a single SF2 that sounds better than Musyng Kite. I said *must* sound better. Of course a large soundfont could sound good...but probably not because it's large but the instrument …

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