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Re: My first retro PC

Do you have any way to try a different graphics card of any kind? Or CPU? Generally following the process of elimination is the best approach in this kind of situation. Are the caps OK? This generation of board is notorious for bad caps from the great capacitor plague. Did you reset the bios? ( …

Re: Windows 7 Retro?

Oh good, another XP fanatic. :) XP was pretty obviously the last version of Windows that anybody with a properly functioning brain helped to develop. Not really. It's more that some people's brains stopped developing some time during the XP era. Facebook came into existence in 2004. Totally …

Re: 8k

in Milliways
I am still on 1080p for my modern PC, and plan on going to 1440 in the next few years 🤣. I might get a 4k tv though soon.

Re: Allure of retro computing

in Milliways
Seeing games run perfectly on period correct hardware when they face no end of problems on modern hardware, if they run at all. Knowing that this combination of old parts is the only way to experience the game, and the experience would essentially be lost otherwise, is pretty cool.

Re: were/are the Voodoo 4 and 5 even worth owning?

Don't know about the V4, it would have been fairly weak by the time it was released. Even the V5 was not strong but it sort of held it's ground especially on Glide titles. As retro cards? Well they are expensive as heck, about as fast as a $5 GF4MX440, for for the pragmatist no, they are not worth …

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