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Re: Some guys opinion about DOSBox

in Milliways
I have very little experience with Linux and never used dosbox on it, but it seems that on Linux it needs some bug fixing. I spend almost all of my time on Linux so do most of my time testing on Linux, so I know about the issues affecting Linux. But judging by questions and complaints posted here …

Re: Some guys opinion about DOSBox

in Milliways
Apparently I was one of the few people on earth which typed "INTRO" at the command prompt and read it. But yeah, Dosbox is what it is. Can it be improved? Sure but at the moment it's still the best and most versatile Dos emulator. INTRO is not going to describe e.g. why MIDI port detection does not …

Re: Dosbox dropping pressed keys?

@Gernot66 The problem is rooted in using SDL 1.2, which is unmaintained since 2013. Some Linux distributions are starting to drop SDL 1.2 from the repositories because almost whole open source world moved on to SDL2, DOSBox is one of very few stragglers.

Re: Some guys opinion about DOSBox

in Milliways
I am not even talking about GUI. How about starting with simple things, like making output=opengl the default instead of surface. In dosbox-staging I added a tiny feature to display drive label above output of dir command (as it was in DOS), so it's easier for users to identify which floppy image is …

Re: Some guys opinion about DOSBox

in Milliways
Amazingly the thread wasn't that bad. OP is of course wrong but it does make you wonder even more how the smartphone generation or whatever comes next generation will regard DOSBox in the future. Ehh, I agree that OP of that thread is wrong, but I also think it's wrong just to outright dismiss such …

Re: Boxedwine (Wine on multiple platforms)

danoon, Thanks for the Boxedwine project. It is amazing to be able to use the wine compatibility layer under Windows operating systems. I ran the Star Wars Racer demo under Boxedwine on my Windows 7 pc and it worked fine. Wine DirectX implementation has known issues with that game (missing fog, etc …

Re: Dosbox Screen Rows

There's no such functionality built-in, but you can switch to different text modes manually - there was a post about it some time ago (I can't find it now), and in there ripsaw8080 posted a set of utils to change to various modes. Just run e.g. 80x50.com and you're done (you can add it to autoexec …

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

Was ist los? DOSBox SVN made changes conflicting with several out-of-tree patches (including at least 2 distributed via ECE). Conflicts were introduced by SVN revisions: r4305, r4306, r4308 (r4308 is HEAD revision at the moment). I dealt with these conflicts already when merging svn/trunk into …

Re: Parameters based on executable name

1st unnecessary bloat, most games run without fine tuning. I don't think it's true… even the most popular DOS games need tweaking. For games from 80s it's rather unavoidable and that's fine, but for popular games from early 90s? I can't remember a single game I tried in last ~6 months that didn't …

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