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Re: How to create colored windows in DOS

in DOS
I was able to create something like I was searching for with the clues I get from you and some other sources in the internet. I just want to share the solution. Filename ColorBox.txt File size 1.28 KiB Downloads 45 downloads

How to create colored windows in DOS

in DOS
The following image is just an example from DOS BOx (not directly DOS Box related) The image shows a blue colored window for highlighting text in DOS. Is there a special DOS command to create those windows? I remember a friend who built a whole menu structure using only those windows to start …

Re: Screenshot Utility

in Windows
If you are using Windows 10, you can just use the Windows Button + PrintScreen to save directly to a file. Any screenshot you take is automatically saved in C:\User\USERNAME\Pictures\Screenshots Thank you. I didn't know that, in spite of taking *lots of* screenshots every day due to my job :blush: …

Screenshot Utility

in Windows
In DOS Box you can make a sequence of screenshots by pressing repeatedly CTRL-F5. I try to do the same in Windows (98, xp etc). But the way to save a screenshot for windows games is more complex: 1) press print key 2) change to the Windows desktop 3) open third party Software 4) insert screenshot 5) …

Re: PCI soundcard driver for DOS wanted

Stiletto wrote: Oh good, you DID register and start posting. 😀 Awesome, that you remember me! Thank you for your advice. This forum is quite helpful. And indeed, it's not easy to find a propriate answer. But I made progress with this soundcard issue: Some games now HAVE sound effects. But no MIDI, …

Re: PCI soundcard driver for DOS wanted

The attached driver added Sound Blaster Emulation : screen_neomagic-4a.jpg But how do I get the sound emulation to work in DOS games? I added the following line to autoexec.bat: SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 but I got no sound or sound effect in any game I tried (DeathRally, CyberSphere, Carnage) Edit 5/27 …

Re: PCI soundcard driver for DOS wanted

You'll probably need to install Win9x. Windows 98 is already installed. I often heard that you can run games "within" Windows, so that the sound is emulated by windows. But if I start games via the DOS prompt out of windows, the screen switches to full screen and the game isn't running within a …

PCI soundcard driver for DOS wanted

I own a sony notebook PCG-F305 and the sound is perfectly running with Windows 98. But to play DOS games with soundblaster, I need also a fitting DOS Driver. The PCI Sniffer detected the following soundcard: NeoMagic Corp. NM2200 MagicMedia 256AV The Report with further details is attached. Does …

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