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Re: Yamaha MIDI module

in Milliways
The automation file for a Soundblaster 16 is the cmf file. Creative MIDI file. I've perused the manuals for an AWE32 and an AWE64. The Soundblaster 16 Waveffects supports CMF files. It's not completely clear that the AWE32 doesn't.

Re: Master of Orion2

in Windows
Shouldn't the Tandy sound be available for MIDI even if I have the OPL emulation turned off in DOSBox -X? I'm pleasantly surprised that Soundblaster 16 support is available in DOS. I didn't know that it was.

Re: Windows 3.x games that don't work in Windows

in Windows
O, I'm sorry. Windows 10. But they're coming out with Windows 11 soon and maybe they'll fix some issues. Jetfighter 4 works fine in Windows 10. The problem with those simulators is it is a pain to look for a set of rudder pedals to use. I trade between DOSBox and DOSBox -X for DOS emulation. DOSBox …

Windows 3.x games and Windows 9x games that don't work in Windows

in Windows
I'm getting a collection of these inexpensive games going. So far I have the following Win9x games that don't work in Windows 10 Where in the USA is Carmen SanDiego (1999) Master of Orion II Forgotten Realms The Archives Collection III Forgotten Realms Archives: Silver Collection Oregon Trail 5th …

Powerhits Battletech

in DOS
The Crescent Hawks Inception is a frustrating game. First, hit the space bar to bring up the game menu. There is no way to stop the game without just shutting down DOSBox. The basic problem here is when I played the Apple II version I just ran out the southeast wall with a Chameleon when the Kurita …

Re: Where in the world is Carmen San Diego (2001)

in Windows
The third game is called "Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time" for Windows 1999. I'm also going to try Ed Hunter and see if it in some way has the same theme. It has floated in and the 1999 Windows version of Where in the USA is Carmen San Diego does not install. The requirement to install …

Re: Where in the world is Carmen San Diego (1998)

in Windows
Now I'm using a flashlight in the Netherlands and I'm not going anywhere. There's a piece of paper in the crevice of a support beam. mission 4 - inadequate hints that after Canada you go to Capetown. The hints are ocean front and Zulu for "golden lion." I think the word "ingonyama" is in the …

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego (2001)

in Windows
I got the gold ring in Mexico. Then I turn to a pyramid and enter the password. After that I hear a voice saying "enter the password." Eh? There are 5 symbols and the order you enter is obtained by giving some guy a Tchaikovsky CD in Thailand. That wasn't hard. I got past mission 1. There's no …

Re: DOSBox Feature Request Thread

Can you make it work in IRQ 9? IIRC, that's the IRQ where I got it to work back in the day when I had one installed. I'll admit, the online instruction caught the error the GUS wasn't enabled. AWE32 support was added in DOSBox -X. The mode can be selected but there's no OPL3 sound. I'm using the …

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