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Amiga - equivalent to digital audio extraction?

in Milliways
The best thing I have found for Amiga is a Prisma Megamix Music Card, which has IDE like cables that attach to it. My best guess is - no. It had no such capability. After a few decades, I've examined the title screen for Below the Root in both Apple and C64 and the C64 has two different colors of …

Re: DOSBox Feature Request Thread

The only manual for an AWE32 I've found online says it uses sf2 soundfonts. I'm wondering if sbk were prototypes that were never released? Anyway, the ambiguity of the color of the Steiner fist at the beginning of Battletech Crescent Hawk's Inception has made me think that DOS was never implemented …

Re: Powerhits Battletech

in DOS
In DOSBox -X 0.84.0, the game finally started working. The audio is slightly crisper. There is a way through. Put your money in bakphar until after the dream sequence is my suggestion. After that put your money in Nasdiv. You should be able to get to the 8th training mission. You may need to try …

Re: Technological critique

in Milliways
Lightning connectors are needed for smart phones. I can find the saved photos on my smartphone easy enough. Is thing Verizon? But Windows 10 does not download automatically from "photos" in the start menu like the instructions say is supposed to work. I don't have Windows 11, though. I need an …

Re: sound blaster 16 and CQM synthesis

What's important here is that ordinarily the standalone soundblasters were always better than the Dell "vibra" alternatives. But I don't think so with the soundblaster 16. These CQM chips I think were superior to the OPL3 and not just budget models.

Re: Xcom : UFO Defense on CD (CD-i)

in DOS
With the latest DOSBox -X the intro movie no longer plays. that's fixed. Now I'm sure the floppy disk install problem is an error in DOSBox -X. The setup.exe once the game is installed is for the audio setup. A default of 5 IRQ for the soundblaster is not compatible with soundblaster 16. That is a …

Re: Youtube and Magrathea

in Milliways
I got the video uploaded directly to Facebook. I was hoping to upload it to Youtube and cross post. I tried producing an mp4 cut with 24 fps instead of 30 fps. It did not do any good.

Youtube and Magrathea

in Milliways
Well, I used MakeMKV and PowerDirector to make a cut from the BBC version of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. When I tried to upload I got a message that it is copyrighted material. Does that mean that as technology improves we will discover making cuts of movies doesn't work anymore? The software …

Re: Yamaha MIDI module

in Milliways
The automation file for a Soundblaster 16 is the cmf file. Creative MIDI file. I've perused the manuals for an AWE32 and an AWE64. The Soundblaster 16 Waveffects supports CMF files. It's not completely clear that the AWE32 doesn't.

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