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Re: DosView

ntalaec wrote on 2023-11-12, 17:47: Interesting project. It could be very useful to view images when running Links web browser in text mode. How much conventional memory does it use? I haven't the slightest idea. I can tell you that encoding some of the newer formats eats heaps of memory (and not …

DOjS v1.11

Two weeks ago I updated DOjS, the Javascript IDE/runtime for MS-DOS. https://github.com/SuperIlu/DOjS/releases/tag/v1.110 This is the version DOStodon, my Mastodon client is based on. Added port of https://github.com/DhrBaksteen/ArduinoOPL2 to jsboot/ Added optional OnExit() callback Fixed input …


I recently started working a an image viewer/converter for 32bit MS-DOS Source code and binaries are on GitHub https://github.com/SuperIlu/DosView Suported formats Reading: BMP, PCX, TGA, LBM, QOI, JPG, PNG, WEB, TIF, JP2, GIF, PSD, HDR, PIC Writing: BMP, PCX, TGA, QOI, JPG, PNG, WEB, TIF, JP2, GIF

Mastodon client for MS-DOS

Hi, I started working on a Mastodon client for MS-DOS using my long-term pet project DOjS (Javascript rutime on MS-DOS). Code (that is actually runnable) can be fount here: https://github.com/SuperIlu/DOStodon You'll need at least a P133 with 16MiB RAM and a network card with a matching packet …

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