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Re: Olivetti M24 New P133

3rd slot will be for an ISA sound card. The integrated sound card (MI2112) is not bad, but since I can't find the add-on Mozart card I won't bother with it. I'll find a cheap ISA sound card that's light on resources. CF card will go where the Mozart add-on card was supposed to be, it's better that …

Re: Olivetti M24 New P133

I wonder if I research the numbers on it, will I find out what exactly it does... I've decided I'm going to use yellow rounded IDE cables, in tone with the logo on the PC. Like these ones: http://img18117.imagevenue.com/loc717/th_08760_ide_122_717lo.jpg I can't use the PCI CF-to-IDE slot on the …

Olivetti M24 New P133

http://img18127.imagevenue.com/loc1170/th_05165_24pic_122_1170lo.jpg I bought this little fella off ebay, managed to snatch it for 41£ and 11£ delivery (it was very well packaged). Description said it had a 133 mhz Pentium, 40mb RAM and no HDD. I always wanted to buy back my first PC off the kid …

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